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Cheflodeezy’s newest single “Koockin & Juggin” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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Andon drops pop classic The One

Out Now

Andon teams up with New York producer TGUT to deliver a unique pop collaboration. The one is pop art wrapped in a pop song. With a catchy melody and bass, The One is about the thrill of the chase. Finally getting up enough courage to let that one girl know that she is missing real love that can be hers. The One is written and performed by the title artist, Andon, with a production assistant from TGUT.

Pop Singer Andon

Pop Singer OpenSoul


Broken hearts feud on Scarred Hearts at War


OpenSoul delivers another heartbreaker with the release of his newest single Scarred Hearts at War. The single is produced by French producer LaBack and features California artist Neen Bowen. Scarred hearts at war is a break-up song wrapped in trap soul. Scarred Hearts is the heartbreak song you did not know you needed.

OpenSoul – Placeholder
OpenSoul – Good Time (ft Andon & Dayla Foxx)
Andon & OpenSoul – Give It To You
Andon – You Don’t Love Me

What Music Reviewers Are Saying

Bob Smith – Static Dive

From the first note, Andon’s new single “Give it to You” conjures images of tropical sunshine and days at the beach.

Tuned Loud

“Andon & Opensoul have zeroed in on a singular brand of lusty, vibrant and banging Urban R&B and Island Pop”

Rebecca Cullen – Stereo Stickman

“Cheflodeezy blends faultless, varied flows with sharp rhymes and a breathless delivery that refuses to let-up.”